Bang on a Can All-Stars<br> Brian Eno: <em>Music for Airports</em>

Bang on a Can offers its landmark live performance of Brian Eno’s ambient classic Music for Airports. In 1978 Eno redefined how we relate to music in our everyday lives with this mesmerizing, dreamy, intense sonic landscape. In his analog studio, looping bits of tape, Eno never imagined that a new generation of musicians would take his music out of the studio and perform it live. New York’s electric chamber ensemble Bang on a Can All-Stars bring this masterpiece to life. Since their celebrated 1998 recording of Brian Eno: Music for Airports, Bang on a Can All-Stars have brought this work to live audiences across the globe with concerts at many of the most prestigious festivals and venues including Lincoln Center, Royal Festival Hall in London, the Sydney Opera House, and even public performances at Brussels International Airport, Schipol Airport in Holland, and John Lennon Airport in Liverpool. However, this will be the very exciting premiere of the work in an airport on U.S. soil—at our very own San Diego International Airport!


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San Diego International Airport