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Through partnerships with academic departments, faculty, and local organizations, we offer meaningful engagement programs that connect our artists to audiences of all ages in the most inspiring and transformative ways.

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ArtPower offers opportunities for those future artists among us to get personal instruction from some of the best in their field. Taught by guest musicians, dancers, and choreographers, master classes provide that spark of inspiration to continue on the path to artistic excellence. ArtPower is proud to collaborate with the UC San Diego Department of Theatre and Dance and Department of Music.

Participation is limited to UCSD students.


Galinson Family Foundation; Renita Greenberg; The Weil Family Foundation


ArtPower engages the world’s leading artists to enrich campus life by participating in extended residencies in collaboration with diverse campus departments. Whether artists are leading a panel, acting as visiting faculty, giving a series of workshops, or co-creating work with young artists, our Innovators-in-Residence leave a lasting impact on students of all majors. We are thrilled to connect students to Thalma & Laércio de Freitas, Jerron “Blind Boy” Paxton, Belem, and Tribu Baharú—among other creative innovators—in the 2016–17 season.


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ArtPower Student Film Festival

ArtPower offers in-depth programs throughout the academic year for emerging filmmakers, engaging them in workshops and networking opportunities, all leading up to a live student film festival in the spring. Students receive constructive feedback on their films from a panel of expert judges. Some of the most talented directors, cinematographers, and actors walk away with a coveted ArtPower Film Award—it’s the Oscars, ArtPower-style.

ArtPower Online Student Film Festival

A quarterly online screening space curated by UC San Diego students, this web-based student film festival brings the creative work of young filmmakers to the San Diego community and beyond. The online student film festival encourages UCSD students and alumni from any discipline to showcase their video/film work and connect with fellow film lovers in this unique online forum.



We recognize students’ budgets can be tight, so we make sure our performances are not only fantastic, but also very affordable. This season, students can also attend all of the Foovie films for free! It’s just another benefit of being part of this great university.


Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

UC San Diego Partner

Graduate Student Association

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ArtPower works with a bright team of undergraduate student interns during the academic year, teaching them skills in arts marketing, outreach, curating, and production. These future professionals learn first-hand what it takes to execute a performing arts season with flair!