VISIONARY ($50,000+)

Joan and Irwin Jacobs Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation

CATALYST ($20,000–$49,999)

Joan Jordan Bernstein
Judith Bachner and Eric Lasley
George Clement Perkins Endowment
Jon and Bobbie Gilbert
The Weil Family Foundation

CREATOR ($10,000–$19,999)

Sam B. Ersan
New England Foundation for the Arts
Amnon and Lee Ben-Yehuda

PERFORMER ($5,000–$9,999)

Epstein Family Foundation
Renita Greenberg
Hamburger Chamber Music Series Endowment Fund

ADVOCATE ($2,500–$4,999)

Elaine Galinson and Herb Solomon Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
Wynnona and Ronald Goldman
Alexa Kirkwood Hirsch
Josephine A. Kiernan and Bjorn Bjerede
Hans Paar and Kim Signoret-Paar

GUARDIAN ($1,000–$2,499)

Joyce Axelrod and Joseph Fisch
Teresa and Sam Buss
Ann Spira Campbell
Carol and Jeffrey Chang
Alain Cohen and Denise Warren
Ruth Covell
Martha and Edward Dennis
Christine de Pagter ’90 and Bruce Woods ’91
Wayne and Elizabeth Dernetz
Wita and Ed Gardiner
Norman J. Goldberg and Fusako Yokotobi
Mehran and Susan Goulian
Maryka and George Hoover
Lauren and Robert Resnik
Liz Lancaster and Eli Shefter
Barbara and Robert Nemiroff
Arlene and Edward Pelavin
Marilyn and Charles Perrin
Edith High Sanchez and Paul Sanchez
Barbara and Sam Takahashi

SUPPORTER ($500–$999)

Janice Alper and Charles Kantor
Anonymous in honor of Joyce Axelrod
Maureen and C. Peter Brown
Janice and Nelson Byrne
Bill Coltellaro and Eric Cohen
Sally Corson ’79 and Steve Schreiner ’80
Pat Jacoby
Ellen Lehman, Ph.D. and Charles Kennel, Ph.D.
William Michalsky
Phyllis and Ed Mirsky
Clayton and Susan Peimer
Sharon Perkowski
Anne Marie Pleska and Luc Cayet
Brenda and Gary Ratcliff
Robert and Lauren Resnik
Elaine and Jerry Schneider
Marilies Schoepflin
Susan Shirk and Sam Popkin
Mr. and Mrs. Eli Strich
Ruth Stern and Mort Levy
Judith and Lee Talner
Sylvia Wechter

CONTRIBUTOR ($250–$499)

K. Andrew Achterkirchen
Mark Geyer ’72
Barry and Helen Lebowitz
Joani Nelson
Rod and Barbara Orth
Doug and Eva Richman
Maxine Snyderturner
James and Kathleen Stiven
Johanna Thompson

SPARK ($100–$249)

Linda Cory Allen
Gregory Athens
Paulyne Becerra
Mary Beebe
Drs. Francine Deutsch and Carole Leland
Russell and Eloise Duff
Meg and Allan Goldstein
Carol F. Hinrichs
Cynthia Kroll
Stefanie Levine and Michael Breslauer
Elaine and Howard Maltz
Kathe Oesterreicher
John Payne and Susan Payne ’08
Sue Rosner
Janet Smarr
Jimmy Tran ’02
Mary and Joseph Witztum


Donors who hake provisions for ArtPower in their estate
Joyce Axelrod and Joseph Fisch
Judith Bachner and Eric Lasley



National Performers Network
New England Foundation for the Arts


Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation

SPONSORS ($1,000–2,499)

Allianz Global Investors
urbanKITCHEN Group
Bottles & Wood
Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation


Molly Clark
Carolena Deutsch-Garcia
Jordan Peimer
Joanna Szu ’06


PowerPlayers are an exceptional group of donors that have made a three year commitment to support ArtPower.
Joyce Axelrod and Joseph Fisch
Joan Bernstein
Alain Cohen and Denise Warren
Martha and Ed Dennis
Phyllis and Daniel Epstein
Elaine Galinson and Herb Solomon
Bobbie and Jon Gilbert
Norman Goldberg
Renita Greenberg and Jim Alison
Eric Lasley
Hans Paar and Kim Signoret-Paar
Robert and Lauren Resnik
Paul and Edith H. Sanchez
Molli Wagner
Zelda Waxenberg
Pat Weil and Christopher Weil

Donor list as of March 26, 2017.
List reflects giving from March 26, 2016.