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To present performing and media arts that engage, energize, and transform the diverse cultural life
of the University and San Diego


To develop more empathetic students and community members that are better prepared to engage
in the world around them through their participation in high quality artistic programs that broaden
thinking and awareness, deepen understanding, and encourage new dialogues across UC San Diego and
the community.

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Welcome to the 2017–18 ArtPower Season

Many of us are concerned with the contentious and constant changes that have marked the last few months. Artists are often among the most vulnerable members of our society, partly because of the economics of art making and partly because the arts are about ideas. The unrestricted flow of ideas across barriers and borders is an essential element of a free society. One of the things that makes ArtPower such a unique organization is our commitment to presenting not just the art, but the artists themselves. Audiences—particularly student audiences—are able to interact with the artists directly and contribute to this timely exchange of ideas.

This season, as the talk of travel bans loomed large, we decided to focus our global music series on voices from the ‘Arab world’. If a generation grows up and leaves the university without the opportunity to communicate with people from countries other than their own, there is the potential  for another generation to walk through the world living in fear. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don’t know each other; they don’t know each other because they have not communicated with each other.”  What better role can the arts play than to help break this cycle? Beyond music we are also presenting dance from Algerian street culture among the other artists who represent cultures often hidden or forgotten. As always, the rest of our artists represent the broad diversity of the university itself, perhaps nowhere so strongly as in our American Routes series, which looks at the breadth of American life through the music of the distinct cultures that help make America the beautiful country that it is.

I look forward to sharing with you another exciting season of new voices and ideas!

See you in the theater,
Jordan Peimer
Executive Director, ArtPower at UC San Diego



UC San Diego is known for being an experimental campus, going big and taking risks.  Our tradition is nontradition.  The arts play a vital role in this spirit of nonconvention, inspiring a level of creativity that transcends all areas of study.  We are always exploring, discovering, and creating—we have some of the most visionary and accomplished students, faculty and staff.  ArtPower fosters this barrier-breaking innovation and thinking through engaging programming that includes music, dance, and more from emerging and renowned international artists.  Thank you for making this possible through your support of ArtPower and UC San Diego.


Pradeep K. Khosla
Chancellor, UC San Diego



artpower staff
molly clark

Molly Clark, Associate Director of Artistic Planning & Education

Molly is the main liaison for visiting ArtPower artists, ensuring that their experience is a fulfilling and smooth one. She uses her passion for the performing arts while assisting the executive director in planning the multi-arts season. She believes deeply in providing access to the arts to those young and old and is thrilled to be able to develop meaningful engagement programs to connect artists to students on campus and in the community.


Carolena Deutsch-Garcia, Director of Development

Carolena has the privilege of working with ArtPower’s patrons and corporate sponsors. She has a passion for connecting donors and institutions with meaningful funding opportunities and experiences. Through ArtPower’s progressive multi-arts season and and its robust student engagement programs, she is helping to cultivate ArtPower’s next generation of arts patrons!

sean nash

Sean Nash, Ticketing Coordinator

Originally from the Washington state, Sean has 10 years of box office management experience, most recently at The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma, WA. He has a combined total of over 16 year’s experience in the customer service industry, including previous jobs with The Walt Disney Company, Expedia.com and Cirque Du Soleil.  

Jordan Peimer, Executive Director

Executive Director for ArtPower at UC San Diego, Jordan Peimer leads a team which oversees a multi-arts season devoted to performance, engagement, and residencies. He is responsible for all aspects of the development, production, and presentation of ArtPower’s public programs and artistic and educational residences.

Prior to his arrival at ArtPower, Peimer was vice president and director of programs at The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. He is recipient of a 2000 fellowship from the American Jewish Committee, and a 2001 fellowship from the California Presenters Initiative of The James Irvine Foundation, out of which he curated Zeitgeist: The Harry and Belle Krupnick International Jewish Arts Festival—Los Angeles’, and possibly America’s, first international festival of Jewish performing arts. He also completed a seven-year long series examining the arts of Jewish Latin America.

Peimer was an artistic co-director at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica. As executive producer for Jezebel Productions, he also developed and curated Friday Nights at The Getty for The J. Paul Getty Center. He created DanceWest, the West Coast regional choreographic platform for the Paris’ Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, for which he sat on the Conseil Artistique.

Peimer is an avid tea drinker preferring black tea from Arunachal Pradesh and Nilgiri. Among his favorite authors are Salman Rushdie, Doris Lessing, Joseph Conrad, and AS Byatt. He is partial to subtitled cinema and Kaiju, Japanese monster movies.

Kathryn Sturch, Production Manager

As the Production Manager for ArtPower, Kathryn draws on over 30 years of experience in professional and academic theater to ensure that the ArtPower artists have everything they need during their visit; from sound, lights, and instruments, to meals, housing, and transportation. Previously, she worked as a lighting technician on approximately 100 productions for the La Jolla Playhouse, 150 productions for UC San Diego Theatre and Dance, and as a stagehand and spotlight operator for over 300 rock concerts.

She is pleased to be part of the ArtPower team, helping to provide diverse performing arts experiences to UC San Diego  students and the broader community.

Joanna Szu, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Joanna brings to ArtPower over a decade of marketing and communications experience—specifically within performing arts and higher education. At ArtPower she is responsible for all marketing and PR, leads the the student marketing team, and oversees the university box office.


Get to know the students behind ArtPower at UC San Diego who work with the staff to market, manage, and produce our events.

Amina Balgimbayeva, Arts Org Intern
Class of 2019 | Major: International Business

Amina was born half way across the world in the heart of Central Asia, Kazakhstan. She never thought she would end up living in sunny San Diego, with endless palm trees and mesmerizing sunsets. Now majoring in international business, Amina is also planning on pursuing a minor in cognitive science design. With a strong desire to collaborate with other creative- and art-invested individuals, Amina joined ArtPower to gain more experience and to help the art community grow. She loves expressing herself through music, fashion, and art. In her free time, you will most likely find her in the depths of Spotify discovering obscure artists, binge watching a Turkish drama, or painting watercolor flowers. Studying at an international school for most of her life, she loves to meet people from everywhere around the world and learn from them. Coming from a far away land, she also enjoys telling people about her home country, a place that is not known to most.

Justin Bascos, Junior Arts Org Assistant
Class of 2018 | Major: Cognitive Science, Human-Computer Interaction | Minor: Ethnic Students and Political Science

Born an ocean away in the Philippines, and having lived in a variety of places like Pennsylvania and California, Justin has had a diverse upbringing that continues to inform his choice in aesthetics, politics, and hobbies. Minoring in Ethnic Studies and having interned at the UCSD Cross-Cultural Center, Justin understands the power visuality and performance can have when we create ideas about people unlike ourselves. This is why he is excited to be a part of a team and program that strives to bridge different worlds using art. During his time in ArtPower, he hopes to create community and encourage folks to learn about other cultures through the artists that guard and continue these traditions. Apart from art, Justin enjoys going out to nature adventures, watching music videos, reading, and eating food! In the future, he aims to be a UX/UI designer working in educational technology.

Elizabeth Blackwell, Arts Org Intern
Class of 2019 | Major: International Business and Theatre 

Elizabeth is a recently declared double major in international business and theatre. Her passion for the arts started in elementary school when an opera company came to her school and rehearsed with the entire 5th grade class to put on their production. After being immersed in such an amazing creative experience, she became extremely curious as to what other kinds of of art she could delve into. Being a part of the action has always been in her interest, so she began performing in musicals and singing in choirs the moment she got to high school and continues this trend in college. Art continues to fascinate her in every which way, questioning definition and structure, and finding new ways to attack and interpret existing forms.

Glen Carlise, Production Assistant
Class of 2018 | Major: Computer Science

Bio TK

Lauren Choy, Arts Org Intern
Class of 2019 | Major: Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction | Minor: Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entering college as a structural engineering major drove Lauren to a deeper understanding of her passions. She came to realize that her passions reflected a creative outlet, which would perhaps be best suited in a field other than engineering. Through engaging in stimulating conversations with her peers, she developed an interest for UI/UX and soon changed her major to cognitive science. Ever since, she has been building her experience in graphic design through programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Sketch. In her free time, you can find Lauren in front or behind the lens of her camera, creating new adventures with those around her. Through her newfound internship with ArtPower she hopes to immerse herself in a new community and a new appreciation for the performing arts at UC San Diego.

Katie Chung, Junior Arts Org Assistant
Class of 2019 | Major: International Business | Minor: Design and Accounting

Katie grew up in Orange County and developed a passion for art when she was young through various arts and crafts including pottery, painting, knitting, crocheting, etc. As she grew older and took classes in graphics, her passion for design grew even more. She hopes to turn this passion for art and design into a career in marketing. In her spare time, she loves to eat desserts, paint with watercolors, binge watch Netflix shows, and go to the beach. 

Riley Dewitt-Rickards, Production Assistant
Class of 2018 | Management Science Major | Theatre Minor

Riley is originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, a small town right in the heart of the state. She spent a lot of weekends taking the train up to New York City to see shows with her dad, and that’s where her love for the arts grew. San Diego is now her second home, and she’s come to love the culture and arts found here. She has a passion for arts administration, and she hopes to one day be the house manager or genereal operations managers of a theater. When she’s not having fun with ArtPower, you can find her singing in one of UC San Diego’s all-female acapella groups (Go DOTS!), playing video games, or sleeping on the couches in Price Center.

Jennifer Koong, Arts Org Intern
Class of 2019 | Major: Communication | Minor: Music

Jennifer was born in Seoul, South Korea and traveled around the world ever since. She went to Canada, Taiwan and many different states within the U.S. and lived in China for about two years. Along the way, she encountered various cultures and their art and learned to appreciate diversity and creativity. She began to develop her passion for graphic design and music when she started high school and now enjoys composing music and editing videos. Jennifer further explores her artistic side with ArtPower and is excited to share her love for the art world.

Derrick Lieu, Senior Arts Org Assistant
Class of 2018 | Major: Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction | Minor: Design 

Born and raised in SGV (San Gabriel Valley), Derrick really enjoys drinking boba in the late nights and eating at Hong Kong cafes with friends (sadly there are none in San Diego). Derrick grew up to appreciate the arts through exposure from mentors, friends, and various forms of media including music, animation, films, books, and fashion. His current passions are film, fashion, and design (graphic, ux/ui, interaction, etc). His favorite films are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, In the Mood for Love, and Perfect Blue so if you haven’t seen any of them, put them on your list. As always, Derrick is looking forward to enjoying the new ArtPower season with its amazing staff, students, and performers there to support it.

Jiawen Long, Arts Org Intern
Class of 2019 | Major: Theatre | Minor: Business

Jiawen Long comes from Chengdu, China. Since she has studied painting for more than ten years before she comes to the UCSD, she decided to combine her interest of art with work in the future when she applied for her major. Also, after working in the Student’s Association Union during high school, she wants to learn more professional skills in administration. Therefore, interning at ArtPower is the ideal platform to help her pursue her career in arts administration. During her spare time, Jiawen loves traveling, finding novel restaurants with her friends, and exploring new cultures through the art world!

Bryan Pino, Junior Arts Org Assistant 
Class of 2018 | Major: International Studies, International Business

Growing up with such a strong love for music, Bryan expanded his love for arts while studying abroad on Semester at Sea. Having the opportunity to study the world’s most famous art and actually visiting the arts in France, Spain, Morocco, etc. reinvigorated his love for the arts during college. After returning from abroad Bryan began hosting his own radio show on KSDT and wants to further his knowledge of the arts with the help of ArtPower. As an active member of Delta Sigma Pi the professional business fraternity on campus, he hopes to combine his interests in business and love for the arts in his future career. Whether it’s education or personal interests Bryan hopes to continue learning about the world and people who live within it.

Lara Sanli, Production Assistant 
Class of 2021 | Major: International Studies-Political Science | Minor: Dance

As a lifelong dancer, Lara deeply appreciates the arts. She has been studying ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary dance since she was four year old, and is currently pursuing a dance minor here at UC San Diego. Lara hopes that her position as Production Assistant for ArtPower will further expose her to the energy and inner workings of the art world. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, books, and small coffee shops. She is also a writer for the student newspaper, The Guardian, and a copy editor for the undergraduate research journal, Circuit.

Yeji Shin, Arts Org Intern
Class of 2019 | Major: Psychology | Minor: Design

Yeji was born in Seoul, South Korea but moved to Marina, a small city in California, and have been there since. She has always shown interest in many things but never stuck through. She loves playing all kinds of sport but never had the commitment to be on a team. She loved instruments and music but refused to stick with it. She did Taekwondo at a local studio for about six years but also quit that when she went off to college. The one stable thing that did stick with her is art. Yeji has been painting and drawing for most of her life but has recently sought out to find other forms and mediums of art. Currently she has taken interest in media and the different expressions through media. Aside from interning at ArtPower, she is the new creative director for the Fashion Quarterly magazine. She also work as a CASP mentor. She hopes to be able to show many the importance of art and how it can link to our daily lives.

Jane Xie, Arts Org Intern
Class of 2018 | Major: Public Health | Minor: Psychology and Business

Passionate for all things art related, Jane loves to immerse herself in anything creatively driven. After taking her first photography class in high school, she developed an interest in capturing beautiful stills of nature and landscapes with her camera lens. Photography has been her outlet of creative expression and has taught her to appreciate the beauty in simple things. Outside of the arts, she is also passionate about improving health in communities and is currently pursuing a degree in Public Health. Aside from taking photos in her free time, Jane enjoys traveling, visiting art museums, and finding new places to eat with her friends. Through ArtPower, she hopes to immerse herself in the creative community and spur the interests of others in creative experiences whether it be through art, music, dance, or film.

ArtPower supports the academic and career development of UC San Diego students through a variety of student assistant positions in programming, event management, marketing, production, and community outreach. For more information, email artpower@ucsd.edu.


ArtPower Arts Organization Internship (UCSD Students Only), Unpaid



  • Assist in managing social media and editorial calendar by proactively creating quality content
  • Assist in conceptualizing marketing strategies for wide selection of global artists
  • Learn to design and develop layouts for marketing materials
  • Assist with design of event programs, posters, web graphics, and other marketing collateral as needed
  • Compile outreach databases


  • Research and write educator student guide for K-12 engagement events
  • Assist in coordination of events for performances and student engagement

Events Management

  • Represent ArtPower brand at performances, on/off campus tabling events, and classroom/student org performances
  • Mandatory attendance to at least four ArtPower events/student engagement events per quarter
  • Usher guest to their respective locations during performances
  • Scan tickets and IDs for analytical purposes


  • Assist in development and donor relations
  • Other administrative duties as assigned


  • Open to all majors
  • Must be currently enrolled at UC San Diego
  • Vested interest in both marketing ad the arts
  • Must be a team player and flourish in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment
  • Open to constructive criticism and feedback
  • Graphic design, photography/video, marketing experience is a plus

Duration/Start Date

  • Academic Year, 2018–19
  • September 2018

Approximate Hours Per Week

  • 0–9 hours per week

How to Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to Joanna Szu, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications at joanna@ucsd.edu by May 4.

Apply Here

ArtPower Arts Organization Assistant (UCSD Students Only)

LEVEL 1: Junior Arts Organization Assistant – STDT 3
Salary: $11.85/hour



  • Manage social media and editorial calendar by proactively creating quality content
  • Develop campaign concepts for print, web, and social media promotions
  • Oversee the print and distribution of marketing collateral to meet deadlines and distribution goals
  • Develop and execute media relations/strategies for events, including compiling press database, writing press releases, etc.
  • Write email newsletters for student marketing event reminders
  • Develop marketing assessment reports through quantitative surveys and focus groups


  • Research and write educator student guide for K-12 engagement events
  • Assist in coordination of events for performances and student engagement

Events Management

  • Represent ArtPower brand at performances, on/off campus tabling events, and classroom/student org performances
  • Mandatory attendance to at least four ArtPower events/student engagement events per quarter and assist event management through student scanning and event timelines
  • Put together event work schedules for student interns
  • Usher guest to their respective locations during performances
  • Scan tickets and IDs for analytical purposes


  • Assist in development and donor relations
  • Lead group of interns and serve as their mentor and resource in internship guidance and professional development
  • Other administrative duties as assigned

May advance to Level 2 after 360 hours or six months, a satisfactory performance, and supervisor’s approval.

LEVEL 2: Senior Arts Organization Assistant – STDT 3
Salary: $12.09/hour

In addition to the skills above:

  • Conceptualize marketing strategies for wide selection of global artists
  • Determine and schedule marketing plan deadlines for over 30 events in collaboration with the associate director of marketing & communications and other assistants
  • Uphold team members’ responsibilities to tasks assigned by spearheading frequent team meetings and weekly status reports
  • Collaborate with and assist design and PR efforts to execute strategies effectively
  • Update web content as necessary using WordPress CMS
  • Contact agents for artists’ information (biographies, images, etc.) and manage assets
  • Assist in oversight of marketing projects through weekly status reports
  • Maintain marketing budget through auditing of receipts
  • Coordinate intern team schedules to hold frequent meetings
  • Other duties as assigned

LEVEL 1 Qualifications

  • Open to all majors
  • Must pay UC San Diego Student Services fees for each quarter working; and Spring quarter fees paid to work during summer months
  • Vested interest in the arts
  • Must be a team player and flourish in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment
  • Open to constructive criticism and feedback
  • Eager to learn and willing to help others
  • Strong copywriting and copyediting background
  • Graphic design, photography/videography, marketing experience is a plus

LEVEL 1 Qualifications

In addition to the Level 1 skills:

  • Advance skills in developing and updated web content
  • Have advanced skills in graphic design
  • Demonstrated effective leadership and training skills
  • Must be able to identify and analyze marketing opportunities as well as making recommendations to ArtPower staff
  • Responsible for overseeing of scheduling and providing work direction to Junior Arts Organization Assistants on all aspects of the position
  • Research, analyze, and develop marketing opportunities
  • Contact campus and community partners to propose marketing partnerships and cross-promotions
  • Develop and update web content using graphic design and WordPress

Duration/Start Date

  • Academic Year, 2018–19
  • September 2018

Approximate Hours Per Week

  • 10–15 hours per week

How to Apply

Send a cover letter and resume to Joanna Szu, Associate Director of Marketing & Communications at joanna@ucsd.edu by May 4.

Apply Here

ArtPower’s Speaker Series Student Advisory Committee (UCSD Students Only)

ArtPower is excited to initiate a speaker series during the 2017–18 multi-arts season after hearing directly from students that there was a need for more non-academic speaker events that address the diverse interests of the campus community. As part of the development of this series ArtPower will work with a student advisory committee to curate, plan, and promote speaker events that will occur in the Winter and/or Spring quarters of the 2017–18 academic year. If you are interested in being involved in this committee, please read through the roles and responsibilities and submit your application no later than 4pm, on October 6, 2017.  ArtPower looks forward to bringing speakers that resonate with students and inspire the campus community with your help!

Student Advisory Committee Roles & Responsibilities

Student Advisory Committee Application

TICKET SALES: 858.534.TIXS (8497)

Molly Clark, Associate Director of Artistic Planning & Education
moclark@ucsd.edu / 858.534.0499

Carolena Deutsch-Garcia, Associate Director of Development
carolena@ucsd.edu / 858.534.7657

Kathryn Sturch, Production Manager

Joanna Szu, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
joanna@ucsd.edu / 858.822.3199


ArtPower at UC San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive #0029
La Jolla, CA 92093-0029

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