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ArtPower at UC San Diego builds creative experiences in music, dance, film, exhibition and food for our collective pleasure and inspiration. We engage diverse audiences through vibrant, challenging, multi-disciplinary performances by emerging and renowned international artists. Through extensive partnerships, ArtPower provides exciting opportunities for research, participation, and creation of new work, igniting powerful dialogue between artists, students, scholars, and the community.


  1. To create co-curricular opportunities in the performing arts and film that foster learning and self-discovery, as well as personal and professional skill development.
  2. To supplement and enhance the academic investigation of our students through collaborative explorations in the performing arts and film.
  3. To add to the artistic and cultural life of the La Jolla and San Diego communities.
artpower showing

Welcome to the 2016–17 ArtPower Season

Whenever I unveil a new season I am always excited. Looking back at the end of the first season I curated for ArtPower, I feel grateful to all the patrons who went on the journey with us this year and I can’t wait for you to experience all of the incredible artists we have coming in our 13th season.

I am particularly happy to introduce you to two new series in 2016–17: the American Routes Series focuses on the diverse musical traditions that built the foundation of American music; the Filmatic Series, an evolution of our annual festival, explores the ever-changing ways we enjoy media, highlighting artists who are merging live performance with cinema.

Of course, all of our beloved established series are returning: our Chamber Music Series introduces you to young artists of note, while inviting back some ArtPower fan favorites. Our Innovation Series explores European artists who are making incredible music using Western classical instruments in the most unconventional ways. Our Global Music Series highlights the rich music of Latin America, which will be certain to get audience members out of their seats and dancing. The Jazz Series returns to focus on the leading young innovators making waves on the scene. The Foovies Series of “dinner and a movie” showcases films celebrating the poetic, profound, and magical realism of childhood —all visually enhanced by new state-of-the-art screening technology in The Loft. Finally, our Dance Series focuses on leading choreographic voices from three major international dance communities.

I am thrilled with how much crossover there is within the season. I anticipate many performances will encourage audience members to step outside their genre “comfort zone” and try something new. Colleen, Belem, the Dublin Guitar Quartet, and Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company will spark the interest of classical music lovers. Jazz fans will be delighted by the stylings of Thalma & Laércio de Freitas, ¡Cubanismo!, and Lea DeLaria. American Routes and Jazz fans will both be enthralled by Filmatic Series’ Lula del Ray and Sam and Brent Green, whose storytelling captures American musical histories. Our season is only truly complete when we are able to enjoy it with our audience; we hope you will be adventurous and come experience something different.

See you in the theater,
Jordan Peimer
Executive Director, ArtPower at UC San Diego



UC San Diego was founded as an experimental campus by recruiting the world’s top scholars—people at the forefront of their fields—and that tradition carries on today. We have some of the most imaginative and brilliant students, faculty, and staff exploring, discovering, and creating right here on campus. The arts play a vital role in our education and innovative spirit, and they inspire a level of creativity that can be applied to all areas of study. ArtPower ignites this spark through thought-provoking and dynamic programs and events. I thank you for supporting ArtPower and our UC San Diego community.


Pradeep K. Khosla
Chancellor, UC San Diego



artpower staff
molly clark

Molly Clark, Associate Director of Artistic Planning & Education

Molly is the main liaison for visiting ArtPower artists, ensuring that their experience is a fulfilling and smooth one. She uses her passion for the performing arts while assisting the executive director in planning the multi-arts season. She believes deeply in providing access to the arts to those young and old and is thrilled to be able to develop meaningful engagement programs to connect artists to students on campus and in the community.


Carolena Deutsch-Garcia, Director of Development

Carolena has the privilege of working with ArtPower’s patrons and corporate sponsors. She has a passion for connecting donors and institutions with meaningful funding opportunities and experiences. Through ArtPower’s progressive multi-arts season and and its robust student engagement programs, she is helping to cultivate ArtPower’s next generation of arts patrons!

john morgan

John Morgan, Ticketing Manager

John was born in San Diego and brings ArtPower over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Previous positions over the years include operations manager at Ticketfly, associate director of ticket services at South Coast Repertory, and 18 years with House of Blues/Live Nation Entertainment, serving as the national director of ticketing.

Music has been the driving passion in John’s life and career. He graduated from the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, and has performed at such legendary Sunset Strip venues as The Whisky, The Roxy, and The House of Blues. His favorite artist is The Beatles, and his love of world music and culture has drawn him to India eight times and counting.

Overseeing ticketing and box office operations for ArtPower is a very fulfilling experience for John, knowing he is contributing to bringing the power of music and art to seasoned and new audiences alike.

sean nash

Sean Nash, Ticketing Coordinator

Originally from the Washington state, Sean has 10 years of box office management experience, most recently at The Broadway Center for the Performing Arts in Tacoma, WA. He has a combined total of over 16 year’s experience in the customer service industry, including previous jobs with The Walt Disney Company, Expedia.com and Cirque Du Soleil.  

Jordan Peimer, Executive Director

Executive Director for ArtPower at UC San Diego, Jordan Peimer leads a team which oversees a multi-arts season devoted to performance, engagement, and residencies. He is responsible for all aspects of the development, production, and presentation of ArtPower’s public programs and artistic and educational residences.

Prior to his arrival at ArtPower, Peimer was vice president and director of programs at The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. He is recipient of a 2000 fellowship from the American Jewish Committee, and a 2001 fellowship from the California Presenters Initiative of The James Irvine Foundation, out of which he curated Zeitgeist: The Harry and Belle Krupnick International Jewish Arts Festival—Los Angeles’, and possibly America’s, first international festival of Jewish performing arts. He also completed a seven-year long series examining the arts of Jewish Latin America.

Peimer was an artistic co-director at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica. As executive producer for Jezebel Productions, he also developed and curated Friday Nights at The Getty for The J. Paul Getty Center. He created DanceWest, the West Coast regional choreographic platform for the Paris’ Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, for which he sat on the Conseil Artistique.

Peimer is an avid tea drinker preferring black tea from Arunachal Pradesh and Nilgiri. Among his favorite authors are Salman Rushdie, Doris Lessing, Joseph Conrad, and AS Byatt. He is partial to subtitled cinema and Kaiju, Japanese monster movies.

Joanna Szu, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

Joanna brings to ArtPower over a decade of marketing and communications experience—specifically within performing arts and higher education. At ArtPower she is responsible for all marketing and PR, leads the the student marketing team, and oversees the university box office.


Get to know the students behind ArtPower at UC San Diego who work with the staff to market, manage, and produce our events.

student marketing team
erin brown

Erin Brown, Marketing Intern
Class of 2017 | Political Science Major | Sociocultural Anthropology Minor

Being so immersed in the arts starting from a young age, Erin hopes to bring exposure to music and other forms of creative expression as well as expand her professional skills to pursue a career in social and public policy. In addition to interning at ArtPower, she serves as the president of her coed a cappella group, Duly Noted and works as a barista at the Starbucks in Price Center (i.e. the world’s busiest coffee shop). In her free time, she enjoys singing, binge watching Netflix shows, and eating with friends. She is beyond excited to learn more about the different kinds of art and artists that are making names for themselves, as well as to help expand minds through art, music, and other imaginative articulations of thought.

Riley Dewitt-Rickards, Production Assistant
Class of 2018 | Management Science Major | Theatre Minor

Riley is originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, a small town right in the heart of the state. She spent a lot of weekends taking the train up to New York City to see shows with her dad, and that’s where her love for the arts grew. San Diego is now her second home, and she’s come to love the culture and arts found here. She has a passion for arts administration, and she hopes to one day be the house manager or genereal operations managers of a theater. When she’s not having fun with ArtPower, you can find her singing in one of UC San Diego’s all-female acapella groups (Go DOTS!), playing video games, or sleeping on the couches in Price Center.

Austin Eamnarangkool, Marketing Assistant
Class of 2017 | Music Composition and Management Science Major

As a music composer, Austin is passionate about being a vehicle to help unite artists and bring more diverse art to the forefront of society. Aside from his passion for the arts and his interest in marketing, Austin harbors an insatiable need to eat delicious food, drink jitters-inducing coffee, try new whiskeys and stay up until 2 am most nights because night walks are the best walks. One can find him roaming the floors of Price Center aimlessly in his sweatpants. 

april huang

April Huang, Marketing Intern
Class of 2018 | Communications Major | Business Minor

Since finding her passion for fashion and journalism in high school, April is now working to build her professional and personal skill sets to pursue a career in the fashion or entertainment industries. In addition to interning at ArtPower, she serves as the editor in chief of Fashion Quarterly magazine and as the media intern at the UCSD Teaching + Learning Commons. In her free time, she enjoys exploring different places and documenting them with her camera for her blog, April Valeo. April feels the arts at UC San Diego are under appreciated and hopes to contribute and support this growing and creative community through her internship at ArtPower.

Nadia Kurihara, Curatorial 
Class of 2017 | ICAM Major

Having a passion for anything art related, Nadia loves doing anything within the art field. As an ICAM major, she has recently explored the topic of computing and arts and now has an ever going interested for the world of virtual reality. Just this summer, she cofounded a virtual reality startup called Familiar Works and is a principle member of the Virtual Reality Club at UCSD. In addition to life outside of school, Nadia loves watching anime, playing video games, and having intellectual late night discussion about the gaming world! 

derrick lieu

Derrick Lieu, Marketing Intern
Class of 2018 | Cognitive Science Major | Art History Minor

To be frank, Derrick has never envisioned himself to be so invested in the arts and humanities (He’s not really Frank). At first, Derrick enrolled at UCSD as a computer science major. Ever since he was a kid, the math and sciences were his specialty. Got a problem with algebra? He can solve it easy peasy. Can’t find the derivative for an equation? He can probably do it for you. Need help finding the volume of a three-dimensional figure by calculating its triple integral? Yeah, good luck with that. Try asking a STEM major because for Derrick, the math and sciences no longer excited him the way they did when he was younger. Don’t get him wrong, he still respects the math and sciences, he’d just rather do it from afar. In their place, he discovered the world of creative thought and self-expression through the arts. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music (of all genres), reading books and writing, and watching movies. He’s also obsessed with comics so if you have any recommendations, hit him up.

Emily Small, Marketing Assistant
Class of 2017 | Cognitive Science/HCI Major | Theater Minor

A bicoastal dweller, Emily’s style embraces old-school Bostonian charm in synergy with Bay Area dynamism. Living life on both edges, she believes the arts are crucial in saturating all shades in between (why need they be grey!?). She fulfills her need to make meaning in the theater, utilizing personality as her creative medium of choice. With a passion for perception, Emily is pursuing a degree in cognitive science—seeking a better understanding of herself as well as the communities she hopes to one day serve.

cindy tang

Cindy Tang, Marketing Intern
Class of 2018 | International Studies-International Business Major | Accounting Minor

Growing up in the small suburb of Cerritos in Southern California, Cindy has always dreamt of traveling abroad and discovering new cultures. This love of art formulated through all the opportunities she’s had while in Taiwan, Honduras, Mexico, and more after realizing that art has no one true form. Her own method of expressing creativity is through the lens of her Canon T3i, which follows her wherever she goes. She is also an active member of the business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, on campus. Whether it’s practicing professionalism or finding deeper passions, Cindy is open-minded and looking forward to trying new hobbies.

bryant vu

Bryant Vu, Marketing Assistant
Class of 2017 | Economics Major | Business and Studio Arts Minor

Art has always had a special place in Bryant’s heart, as he grew up in the Bay Area. However, his love truly developed in high school when he was able to experiment with different mediums such as printmaking and painting. In college, he developed an appreciation for the arts while taking courses for his minor. He doesn’t really understand performative art as well, but with the help of ArtPower, he is learning to appreciate such talent, dedication, and passion for it. It is this pursuit to learn and continually develop himself that motivates Bryant in life. His ultimate dream is to open up a cafe/bakery that would serve the community, whether it be the arts, youth, or economically challenged.

karen wang

Karen Wang, Production Assistant
Class of 2017 | Sociology Major | Theater Minor

Currently a third year student, Karen hopes to help inspire, create, and cultivate artistic outlets for her community. Finding sanctuary in the arts, Karen was involved in theatre starting at a very young age, where she found her passion for costuming. Karen enjoys experimenting with painting, dance, and poetry. You will most likely find her sleeping on the lawns around campus, driving at night, accidentally opening a bag of chips really loudly in class, or doing the next embarrassing thing. Her goal this year is to dabble more in film and video editing.

sumin wang

Sumin Wang, Marketing Intern
Class of 2017 | Management Science and Earth Sciences Major

Born and raised in China, Sumin is passionate about geology, marketing, photography, and global cultures. She is currently double majoring in Management Science and Earth Sciences at Scripps Institute of Oceanography. While her goal for the future is to tackle down problems like climate change and global warming, she has a hidden dream in her heart of becoming an artist. With a love for nature, she enjoys capturing beautiful natural scenes with her camera while she goes out for field trips and camps under starry nights. After taking two quarters of art classes at UCSD extension, her interest in graphic design grew stronger and she decided to join the ArtPower marketing team to explore a brand new field and learn to appreciate this beautiful world from artistic perspectives. She is also a great resource to look for if you want to hear interesting stories about China or the Earth. Always carrying a smile, she loves meeting people with different cultural backgrounds and believes that everyday is a beautiful day and it’s worth to explore new things!

ArtPower supports the academic and career development of UC San Diego students through a variety of student assistant positions in programming, event management, marketing, production, and community outreach. For more information, email artpower@ucsd.edu.


Production & Events Specialist (#87288)

The Production & Events Specialist is responsible for providing comprehensive event planning, staging, coordination and management for small to large scale performing arts events and programs at a variety of facilities and settings ranging from concert halls to the grounds of the campus.

The Production & Events Specialist is responsible for the production planning and management including the tasks of review of artist technical riders, production budget management, communicating closely with artist staff (e.g., agents, artistic directors, touring professionals) and venue production staff on all matters related to a executing a performance, event safety, overseeing load in, sound check, rehearsals, and load out.

The Production & Events Specialist is involved in the production of all aspects of a performing artist’s engagement with UC San Diego including community engagement programs, residencies, art talks, master classes, and main performances.

The Production & Events Specialist is responsible for hiring, training, scheduling and supervising a cadre of student production workers. Assists in planning, organizing, and implementing events and functions, which may include symposiums, conferences, program events, banquets, and VIP briefings. May independently manage small, non-complex events.

*Occasional evenings and weekends and overtime may be required.


TICKET SALES: 858.534.TIXS (8497)

Molly Clark, Associate Director of Artistic Planning & Education
moclark@ucsd.edu / 858.534.0499

Carolena Deutsch-Garcia, Associate Director of Development
carolena@ucsd.edu / 858.534.7657

Jason Smith, Production Manager
jbs001@ucsd.edu / 858.822.3121

Joanna Szu, Associate Director of Marketing and Communications
joanna@ucsd.edu / 858.822.3199


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