JAN 2019 30 WED 8 pm
Dance | China
Beijing Dance TheaterBalboa Theatre
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  • Sec B: $40
  • Sec C: $30
  • UCSD Student: $9
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“An invigorating experience . . . Sheer visual beauty.”— Washington Post

Founded in 2008, Beijing Dance Theater is led by its choreographer, Wang Yuanyuan, together with visual artists Tan Shaoyuan and Hanjiang. Born and raised in Beijing, Wang is one of China’s leading modern dance choreographers. She prides herself on being rooted in Chinese traditions, while at the same time producing innovative, authentic, and thought-provoking contemporary dance works for the world stage.

The evening program includes selections from Hamlet—which explores Hamlet’s psychological landscape from a fresh perspective and confronts his melancholy, his compassion for humanity, and his doubt in the face of death and destruction; Wild Grass—renowned for the alluring fusion of Chinese tradition with a fiercely modern sensibility, and adapted from the poetry collection written by Chinese literary giant Lu Xun in 1927; and Crossing—which traces the struggles of the individual dancers to mark the emptiness, and sets lyrical movement against the stark realities of the space and sound.


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Join us for a post-performance ArtTalk with the artists.


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