APR 2021 28 WED 7 pm
  • APR 2021 29 THU 7 pm
Music | USA
Blacktronika: Sound for HumanityLive Stream Online
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Blacktronika presents Sound for Humanity, a series of performances by six music creative artists, who were asked to think about sound, not only in its sonic definition (noun) but sound as an adjective (sound mind) and verb (sound the alarm), and how their choices will contribute in some way to humanity.

Performers include:
Maria Chavez, Conceptual Sound Artist
Lisa Vazquez, Soul improvisor
Stro Elliot, Rhythm scientist
Melz, Mood composer
Ari Melenciano, Sound artist
King Britt, Polymath producer

Blacktronika: Afrofuturism in Electronic Music is a UCSD course created by Assistant Teaching Professor King Britt, that shines a light on innovators of color who have contributed to the global advancement of electronic music.

“The idea behind Sound for Humanity is for each of us to create a message for humanity through our sonic palette and performance.  When thinking about the word, Sound, I felt  we could express sound as a noun (obvious), adjective (sound mind … safe and sound) and verb (sound the alarm) ….. keeping  these intentions in mind within our creative process. Each artist will stretch the boundaries of their personal sounds and process, expanding on sonic space.”—King Britt

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