OCT 2020 27 TUE 7 pm
Virtual Event | USA
Film Screening with Ephrat Asherie
Everything Remains Raw
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Film Screening and Conversation with Ephrat Asherie and Moncell Durden (Director of the Film)

Everything Remains Raw: Hip Hop’s Folkloric Lineage traces the fundamental role African Americans have had in American popular dance. From the Lindy Hop to hip-hop, from cakewalk to the moonwalk, much American dance was created on the streets and in the clubs by African Americans. This fascinating film breaks down the moves and movements and is filled with truly spectacular dance. In her recent work Odeon, Ephrat Asherie employs many of the techniques documented in the film. After the screening, join Asherie in conversation with Moncell “ill Kozby” Durden as they discuss social dance and its physicality, including how it has popularized these forms at the same time it has been used to marginalize the communities from which it arose.

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