• the spirit of the beehive
MAY 2017 12 FRI 7 pm Food
  • MAY 2017 12 FRI 8 pm Movie
Film | Spain
The Spirit of the BeehiveThe Loft
  • Food + Movie: $34
  • Movie Only: $10
  • UCSD Student Food + Movie: $29
  • UCSD Student Movie Only: Free
ArtTalk Bites & Beverages


Directed by Victor Erice, The Spirit of the Beehive is widely regarded as one of the greatest Spanish films of the 1970s. Six-year-old Ana attends a traveling screening of Frankenstein in her small Castilian village. She becomes possessed by the memory of it, and is determined to find the monster herself. Visually arresting, the film is a bewitching portrait of a child’s haunted inner life.


Appetizer: papas bravas with smoky aioli; Entrée: chicken with Catalan picada and herbed rice, vegetarian option: please call 858.822.3199; Dessert: flan with brandied berries and mint



Join us for a pre-screening ArtTalk with UC San Diego History Professor Margrit Frolich and ArtPower Executive Director Jordan Peimer.

Bites & Beverages

Dinner is served at 7 pm. Please reserve your food + movie tickets by May 8.


The closest parking structure is Gilman Parking Structure located at the intersection of Gilman Drive and Russell Lane. Parking permit pay stations are located on every level.

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