Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats: Haunting Days of Halloween

Welcome to the Haunting Days of Halloween.

What if supernatural creatures were real? What if they’ve been walking among us, hiding, pretending to be human? What if on the days leading to Halloween, they get to be just as they are?

Get ready for an spooktacular morning of music and family-fun with Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats! The 2x GRAMMY® Award winner, front woman and songwriter Lucy Kalantari engages her audience with interactive, jazz-scat-along play, while singing foot-tapping songs highlighting the joys of life, community and resilience. Family members from 0 to 122 will find themselves lighter and smiling through and through!

Animaniacs Live

It’s time for Animaniacs…IN CONCERT! Join the voices of Animaniacs—the iconic animated Warner Bros series (produced by Steven Spielberg)—for a “zany, animany and totally insaney” evening as they perform the world-famous songs from the beloved cartoon series backed by the original projected animation.

Animaniacs: In Concert stars the show’s original Emmy-winning composer, Randy Rogel, on piano and the voice-talents of Emmy winner Rob Paulsen (Yakko & Pinky on Animaniacs; Raphael on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Maurice LaMarche (The Brain on Animaniacs; The King in Disney’s Frozen; Kif & Calculon on Futurama).

Animaniacs remains as topical and relevant today as it was when the TV series debuted in the early 1990’s. With new episodes currently streaming on HULU, Animaniacs is a multi-generational animated favorite with universally-recognized hit songs. Fans of all ages will experience Animaniacs like never before…especially those who grew up watching the series. As its creators say, “Animaniacs in Concert is for the adults—it’s hip, it’s funny…but kids will love it, too!”

Animaniacs and all related characters and elements are trademarks and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

Campus Partner

The Little Mermen

“…An enchanting evening!” –Time Out Magazine

The Little Mermen are the ultimate Disney tribute concert for Disney fanatics of all ages. The band’s repertoire covers nearly a century of musical canon, including favorites from The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins, Frozen and Encanto. The group performs in full costume with band members dressing up as characters from the films. They tour nationally, having recently shared festival stages with Stevie Nicks, Green Day and Joan Jett. The Little Mermen invite you to be their guest for a magical experience jam-packed with nostalgic fun & rockin’ sing-alongs!

Sonia De Los Santos: Música

“Sonia De Los Santos has a story to tell. Or, better put, she has a story to sing. Singer aims to bring messages of hope and joy to children through her songs.”—San Diego Union Tribune

Celebrate the end of Women’s History Month with Latin Grammy Nominee Sonia De Los Santos and her band with Música, an uplifting bilingual concert that cheers women who make music and those who inspired Sonia (and her all-female bandmates) to become a musician—or “una música” en español. You’ll dance in and out of your seats as this playful band charts a joyful journey of Latin American rhythms ranging from festejo to cumbia to traditional Mexican folk.

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Sonia De Los Santos exudes the joy she sings about. This whole-hearted concert includes songs from her three family music albums: Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León To The New York Island (Parents Choice Gold Award Winner), ¡Alegría! (Latin Grammy Nominee) and Esperanza. Singing in both Spanish and English, Sonia’s music is inspired by various Latin American rhythms like son jarocho, cumbia and salsa, as well as the North American folk traditions from the United States. It’s hard not to smile when she’s sharing some of her favorite things—migrating birds, friendship, chocolate, and anecdotes about growing up in Mexico and realizing her childhood dream of moving to New York.

In her highly interactive performances, kids and families love singing along in Spanish and English, dancing in and out of their seats while learning about musical instruments and rhythms from Latin America. Sonia’s messages of finding hope and connection in our global community inspire and excite children and grown ups of all backgrounds.


Para cerrar con broche de oro las actividades del Mes de la Historia de la Mujer, nada mejor que finalizarlas con la nominada al Grammy Latino Sonia De Los Santos y su banda con un concierto bilingüe para alegrar el corazón llamado “Música”, que anima a las mujeres que crean música y quienes inspiraron a Sonia (y a sus compañeras de banda integrada solo por mujeres) a convertirse en músicos, o “músicas”, de ahí el nombre del concierto.

La música de su banda hará que todos se paren de sus asientos a bailar, ya que crea una atmósfera de diversión a través de alegres ritmos latinoamericanos que van desde el festejo hasta la cumbia y el folk tradicional mexicano.

Sonia De Los Santos nació y creció en Monterrey, en el norte de México. Sus canciones son una explosión de alegría, cantadas con mucho corazón y que ustedes podrán escuchar en este concierto. Incluirá temas de sus tres álbumes creados para toda la familia con letras tanto en español como en inglés, los cuáles son: “Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León To The New York Island” (ganador del premio Parents Choice Gold), “¡Alegría!” (nominado al Grammy Latino) y “Esperanza”. La música de Sonia está inspirada en varios ritmos latinoamericanos como el son jarocho, la cumbia y la salsa, así como en las tradiciones folklóricas norteamericanas de Estados Unidos.

En sus conciertos, Sonia comparte algunas de sus cosas favoritas como: las aves migratorias, la amistad, el chocolate y anécdotas sobre cómo creció en México y cómo hizo realidad su sueño de la infancia de mudarse a Nueva York, lo que hace dibujar sonrisas en el público.

En sus presentaciones interactivas, los niños y las familias aprenden sobre instrumentos musicales y ritmos de América Latina al cantar en español e inglés mientras bailan en sus asientos.

Los inspiradores mensajes de Sonia acerca de descubrir esperanza y establecer vínculos en nuestra comunidad global despiertan inspiración y entusiasmo en personas de todas las edades y orígenes.


5:00 pm Maraca Making Activity (outside of the museum)
5:30 pm Museum Opens for Ticket holders
6:00-6:20 pm Sing-A-Long workshop (inside the museum)
6:30 pm Concert Begins
7:30 pm Concert Ends