Up&Coming 2016

ArtPower offers in-depth programs throughout the academic year for emerging filmmakers, engaging them in workshops and networking opportunities, all leading up to a live student film festival in the spring. Students receive constructive feedback on their films from a panel of expert judges. Some of the most talented directors, cinematographers, and actors walk away with a coveted ArtPower Film Award—it’s the Oscars, ArtPower-style.

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In 2016, ArtPower presented the 9th annual Up&Coming Student Film Festival LIVE. This exciting event now has a brand new and sparkling name: The ArtPower Student Film Festival.

The 2016 top films were selected with this rubric in mind:
Acting Quality – Credible characters and credible delivery of dialogue
Sound Design – Creative, originality, works in tandem with edits
Cinematography – Original camera angles, good picture clarity, technical proficiency
Transitions/Effects/Editing – Originality, technical proficiency
Experimental – Originality, technical proficiency
Documentary – Originality, story arc, creative, clear theme, point and message,film rubric (good sound, editing, etc)
Screenwriting  -Originality, story arc, creative, clear theme, point and message
Art Direction – Originality, creativity, credibility
Visual Effects – Creative, originality, enhances story

The 2016 Jury Panel
Susy Botello, Founder of S. Botello Productions™ and the International Mobile Film Festival
Alain Cohen, UCSD Professor, dedicated to the dissemination of psychoanalysis, cinema studies and semiotics
Lev Kalman, Artist-filmmaker (L for Leisure)
Alex Rivera, Filmmaker (Sleepdealers)
Zack Schamberg, UCSD and Up&Coming alum recent graduate of NYU M.F.A. program
Rebecca Webb, ArtPower Film Curator

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Judith Bachner and Eric Lasley
Susanna and Michael Flaster
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ArtPower Online Student Film Festival is a quarterly online screening space curated by UC San Diego students for the UC San Diego community and beyond. This online film festival is a division of ArtPower Student Film Festival LIVE. Our goal is to encourage and support all UCSD students past and present, from any discipline, by providing a universally accessible forum to showcase media work and receive feedback from the campus and global community. Submissions will be considered on a rolling basis.

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up coming