Greg Wohead: The Nearness of You

Hurtling: 11:30am – 6pm; The Backseat of My Car (and other safe places): 7:30–10pm

Hurtling and The Backseat of my Car (and other safe places) together form The Nearness of You, a pair of performances by artist Greg Wohead dealing with ideas of closeness (physically and temporally), the sensation of driving, autobiography, and the experience of time. Hurtling is an invitation to remember a previous version of yourself, to imagine a future version, and to wonder who that makes you now. An outdoor performance for one with a cassette player and headphones that’s remade for each location in which it’s performed, its a glimpse of a fleeting moment as it zooms past. The Backseat of My Car (and other safe places) is an interactive true storytelling piece for one audience member at a time that takes place somewhere off by ourselves. It’s about being a teenager and those moments when you’re on the verge of something exciting.

Presented as part of the 2015 La Jolla Playhouse Without Walls Festival.