News: Choreographer Kyle Abraham: Making connections through dance

San Diego Tribune
By Marcia Manna
January 23, 2020

Choreographer and artistic director Kyle Abraham wants the dancers of his company A.I.M (Abraham in Motion) to develop an important skill — and it’s more about the mind than the body.

The New York-based troupe is already visually captivating, technically skilled in what Abraham defines as a gumbo of movement styles, seamlessly linking classical ballet and contemporary dance techniques with hip-hop swagger.

It’s not enough. Abraham asks that his dancers be “emotionally present,” a quality that summons a sense of shared humanity.

“I think the goal is to be connected with each other,” says Abraham, a MacArthur Fellow (2013) and a Doris Duke Artist Award-winner (2016) who describes himself as an “outspoken, black, gay, American man.”